Saturday, June 23, 2012

Our client Andrew McGrath on Ch 10 News

Thursday 21 June 2012 - News story regarding our client Andrew McGrath.

Network 10 (Sydney) reporter John Hill investigates the failure of NSW Police management to adequately protect it's own Police officers from toxic chemicals contained in the main Sydney Police Centre - Drug Exhibit Vault. See the YouTube video clip below where John Hill reveals that a similar exposure to toxic chemicals occurred at the Gosford Police Station drug exhibit room in 2007. As a result of that incident, a large number of Police were classified as Hurt on Duty and at least two officers have been medically discharged from the Police as a direct result of that particular incident. Interestingly, shortly after the Gosford Police Station incident, NSW Police management made a number of changes to the Gosford Police Station drug exhibit area including the installation of a large exhaust fan (see video). The revelation of the Gosford toxic exposure makes a mockery of the claims by NSW Police Management that they are not liable for the injuries of our client Mr McGrath some two years after the first event. Mr McGrath and several other Police look forward to the determination of the workplace health and safety breach lodged by WorkCover against the NSW Police. If you are a Police officer who has been exposed to toxic chemicals or injured as a result of working in a NSW Police Drug Exhibit room, please feel free to contact the undersigned to discuss your legal options.