Wednesday, January 2, 2013

PIC hypocrisy at its highest

See the link below for an article outlining that the hypocrisy of the Police Integrity Commission (PIC) appears to know no bounds.

Considering that this particular PIC inquiry was (among other issues) investigating the alleged improper release of information to the media by senior Police, it's quite ironic that the PIC Commissioner Mr John Pritchard himself was found to have illegally provided confidential material to the media.  Contrary to the treatment dished out to the veteran NSW Police Superintendent who was the subject of the inquiry, Mr Pritchard was simply allowed to resign from his next appointment as head of the Australian Crime Commission rather than face criminal charges for breaching the PIC's secrecy provisions. According to the report, the PIC Inspector found that Pritchard had apparently "paid a high personal and professional price for his actions". Please.

Even more disturbing is the journalist's reference to the fact that the PIC Inspector's report found that the PIC's current No.3, Michelle O'Brien had apparently joked with Pritchard about the leak of confidential information. The total disregard of the privacy of those individuals involved in this matter can only be described as appalling. And all of this to make the beleaguered PIC "look better"! If O'Brien was complicit in the release of confidential information, surely her senior position at the PIC is untenable. Time for action Mr Premier.

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